FREE CPA Alliance Training

You CAN Build A 100% CPA Referral Based Practice!

In this FREE training series I’m going to share with YOU the exact strategies used to take Dave Szabo of Sarasota Florida from
$5 Million to $28 Million of production in just 12 months working with only 1 CPA!

In this FREE video training series you’ll learn:

  • Why CPAs are NOW more open to alliances with advisors than ever before!
  • Why so many advisors fail when trying to build CPA alliances
  • The 2 things you should never say when approaching a CPA
  • The 4 myths advisors believe about CPAs that holds them back
  • The number 1 challenge advisors face in securing CPA alliances, and how to overcome it.

I’ll also show you:

  • A new dynamic interview style approach that will have CPAs competing to work with you!
  • How to identify the best CPA candidates for potential alliances
  • Exactly HOW to approach CPAs to gain the psychological advantage
  • Step by step how to frame up the first interview and what to say to CPAs
  • How to get CPAs to promote you to their client base
  • How to position yourself as the CPA’s go-to trusted advisor

PLUS, you’ll have the opportunity to ASK any and all questions you have about how to work with CPAs successfully!


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