Welcome to “Winning With CPAs”, a revolutionary new way of building your practice through strategic alliances with CPAs.

Can you relate to any of the following...


  • Is your calendar looking a bit empty?
  • Are you spending more and more money on marketing and getting fewer and fewer results?
  • Are you having to cancel free dinner seminars because no one is calling to attend?
  • Are you finding it more and more difficult to gain trust with today’s leery prospects?
  • Are you spending more time chasing leads than actually serving clients?

I get it! I know it’s tough out there. I’ve dealt with all of the same frustrations, and then some. For years I spent tens of thousands of dollars on direct mail, free dinners, and other combinations of cold advertising. I found that regardless of how much money I threw at the problem my marketing efforts were attracting fewer and fewer qualified prospects.

I realized two things...

  1. If I continued doing what I had always done, my results would continue to frustrate me and push me out of business, or at best, result in a frustrating way to make a living.
  2. I knew deep down there had to be a better, smarter, and more strategic way of building my business.

As advisors we’ve all known for a long time that if we could just find a way to work closely with other high-trust professionals, (specifically CPAs, enrolled agents, and accountants), we would be much more successful. The main problem was that we were never taught how to go about getting those professionals to work with us, let alone refer their clients to us.

Like me, I’m sure some of you have tried the “exchanging business cards” way of building relationships with CPAs, only to find out that in the end referrals never come. I decided that if I was going to build a 100% CPA referral based business I was going to have to devise a strategy that would set me apart from all the other advisors competing for the CPA’s attention.

That’s what led me to create what is now called “Winning With CPAs”. I spent months researching, interviewing CPAs, and building my core story and strategy. My goal? To find out directly from the source what CPAs want, and what they don’t want in a relationship with an advisor. While it was sometimes difficult to stay disciplined and patient while building out a completely new concept, it paid off big time as I set up my first contacts with four different CPAs and accounting firms in town. By using the proprietary interview process I created, I was blown away when all four of the firms I interviewed enthusiastically joined my team and opened their practices to me! I went from knowing zero CPA’s in my market to working with four of them… all in just a sixty day period! And when I say “working with”, I mean I was being actively introduced and promoted to their client base.

One of the ways I began implementing my new strategy was by holding joint client events with CPAs. The first event I ever held with a CPA was a wine tasting and dinner event. At the beginning of the dinner he introduced me to a room full of clients as his new “Associate in Planning”.  I spoke to them for twenty minutes about the advantages of a team approach to retirement planning and the benefits they would receive as a result of our new partnership.  Shortly after I spoke to the group, he and I took a moment to visit with each of his clients during dinner.

I was amazed when at the first table we sat down at, a gentleman tapped me on the shoulder, handed me his phone number, and whispered to me “We need to get together and talk next week.  I have an IRA I need to talk to you about.” When he arrived at my office the following week, he opened with this comment:  “I’ve worked with Bobby (his CPA) for years, and I trust him completely. Since you’re the one he recommends I work with, I want to put my money with you.” That was it! He pulled out his statement, slid it across the table, and said “So what do we need to do to get this moved over to your firm?” In one meeting he rolled over $180,000!

Now would this guy have ever come to a direct mail seminar? No way! And if by chance he had, how would I have convinced him that our firm is the one he should trust? You see, by using the Winning With CPAs approach, I didn’t have to, because his CPA trusted me, and that was all he needed to know. It’s what I call “transfer of trust.” By having a CPA introduce me to a room full of their clients at an event and telling them that I’m the one they trust, the trust the clients have in their CPA is immediately transferred to me… and this is just one of seven different strategies I implemented in the Winning With CPAs program.

Believe me, this is the easiest way to meet new clients you’ll ever experience. It has made my business fun again! But as great as my success has been, I know you’re here because you want to find out how you can have the same success with your business.

Through Winning With CPAs I'll teach you...

  • How to identify the best candidates for alliances in your community
  • How to approach these CPAs in a way that separates you from every other advisor
  • Exactly what to say on your first call with the CPA to create a sense of urgency and get them to want to meet with you
  • My step-by-step 3 meeting interview process and the psychological strategy behind this approach
  • You’ll also learn how to deliver a 7 point value proposition that will soon have CPAs competing to work with you!

Now more than ever, there is a huge demand for quality advisors. Today’s seniors and baby boomers are desperately scrambling for answers, and they don’t want to find those answers through a direct mail piece.  Instead, they want to be introduced to you through another trusted professional. Let us show you how to position yourself for this introduction. To get started, simply click the link below to schedule a call with Brandon Stuerke, creator of Winning With CPAs!

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