When you join our program “Winning With CPAs”,  you’ll receive everything you need to succeed!



Winning With CPAs Book

In the book, “Winning With CPAs”, not only will we outline how to form strategic relationships with CPAs and other professionals, but we’ll also cover, in detail, exactly how this approach to building your practice works with your other marketing efforts. You’ll get all the inside information, as well as a behind the scenes look at what we have learned from our experience in building quality professional referral relationships, and the secrets we’ve learned while helping advisors from across the country implement this program in their community. You’ll also learn about the potential mistakes you may be tempted to make when trying to form these relationships. Don’t waste time making the same mistakes; learn from the ones we made early on and most importantly, AVOID THEM. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. We’ve done all the heavy lifting, so all you have to do is follow the step by step procedures outlined in the Winning With CPAs program.



The Audio CDs

In today’s world we’re always on the go, and finding the time to read can be difficult. We understand! Because of this we’ve included a four disc audio version of the “Winning With CPAs” program. Since we’ve broken down the content on four audio discs, it’s easy for you to go back again and again to reference the material as you’re building your team of professionals.



The Quick Start Manual

Time spent not moving forward is time wasted. We understand from experience that when you get your hands on this program you won’t want to waste any time implementing these concepts into your practice. For that reason, we have created the “Winning With CPAs Quick Start Manual”. This manual will walk you through the most important first steps to take as you implement this program. We leave nothing to guesswork. This manual contains all of the scripts and forms found in the program in an easy-to-reference manual. Don’t waste time! Form relationships with the top CPAs in your market before someone else does! This manual will help get you going right out of the box.