I’ve had the pleasure of coaching a number of top producers around the country in the art of building successful relationships with CPAs. For me there’s nothing more rewarding than helping an advisor break through a plaeau in their business. ONe such advisor is Dave Szabo from Sarasota, FL.

One of the first advisors I coached in the Winning With CPAs program, Dave had been by a lot of advisors standards pretty successful. A consistent $5 Million dollar a year producer Dave was looking for the next level in his business. What unfolded over the next 12 months was a true success story.

Through the implementation of Winning With CPAs, Dave took his business from $5 Million per year to $28 Million in just 12 months! All while working with only 1 CPA firm. I recently got the chance to sit down with and interview Dave on his success in the program. What I’m going to share with you in this DVD is his “Journey to $28 Million”.

In This Interview Dave Shares:

  • His frustrations in the business prior to implementing Winning With CPAs
  • What he experienced in his first 12 months in the program
  • How an advisor who follows the program as he did can replicate his success
  • Real life stories of high net work clients he was able to work with as a result of building a relationship with a top CPA firm
  • And how he used Winning With CPAs to grow his business by 550%!

I hope you enjoy this unscripted interview, as it’s not often a $28 million dollar producer sits down and candidly tells you exactly how he did it! I know you’ll take away a lot of valuable insights that you can implement in your own practice with your own CPA relationships. Enjoy!