Many advisors I coach consistently ask me to share with them insights into how CPAs think, and what it is CPA’s are really looking for in a relationship with an advisor, and as importantly, what they’re NOT looking for. Over the past few years I’ve interviewed a number of different CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and Accounts, all with the goal of having them tell me how best I can serve them.

These interviews have provided me with valuable insights that I have used in my own practice to reverse engineer our approach in working with these professionals, and have provided the backbone of what has now become, Winning With CPAs.

In this new series, “Inside The CPA Mind” I’m going to share with you various recorded interviews with multiple CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and Accountants so you can hear for yourself, directly from them, exactly what they are looking for in a relationship with an advisor. My hope is that you’ll glean a myriad of insights into how best to approach each of these professionals you want to work with. This first interview I want to share with you is with Gary Weiss of Lander, Weiss & Company. It’s full of great content and insights, enjoy!