Many advisors over the years have had the idea of forming alliances with CPAs as a means to grow their business. What most have not been taught is how to do that effectively. The hard truth is that the vast majority of advisor’s attempts at CPA alliances fail! In my research and interviews with advisors and CPA’s all across the country I’ve identified some of the most common mistakes that almost all advisors are making that lead to disappointing results and also solutions for ensuring you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

In This Free Report I’ll Lay Out For You:

  • The Top 3 Mistakes Almost Every Advisor Makes
  • What Most Advisors Do Wrong In Their Initial Approach
  • The Secrets of Creating A True Value Proposition That Will Have CPAs competing To Work With You
  • How To Build A 7-Point Value Proposition That Get’s CPAs Excited!

The information in this report will have a tremendous impact on both your existing CPA relationships, which may need new life breathed into them, as well as help you in your efforts to forge brand new relationships. If the alliances you’ve formed in the past haven’t produced the results you were hoping for, get this report and find out why and how to fix it!